Storm Lee

AGE: 37

LOCATION: Los Angeles (born in Edinburgh – like us!)


PREVIOUS: Performed for Paris Hilton, along with fellow contestant Katie

Storm is one of those contestants that divides opinion – some hate him, and some love him – probably a bit similar to Rhydian a few years ago.  Personally we love him, there’s something really entertaining about him and he’s got a really good voice, although we’re not sure we can see him as a solo artist (fronting a band, yes).

He’s been chasing the dream for longer than some of 1 Direction have probably been alive, and has some impressive credentials on his CV (including working on American Idol and providing backing vocals for Ozzy Osbourne – neither of those things are in any way related to X Factor judges though….).  However it’s that CV which is one of the main reasons why he’s not so in favour with the public, that and also the fact that he’s got a *slightly* irritating personality.  Although that irritating personality is partly why we love him, he’s unintentionally hilarious!  Plus we love the fact that he had the balls to wear a badge with ‘TITS’ written on it during his judge’s houses performance (and the fact that the production team had the balls to keep it in shot).

Live Shows

Show 1:  We Built This City

Show 2: Born To Run (voted out)


Storm’s first audition

Judge’s houses performance


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