Katie Waissel

AGE: 24


OCCUPATION: Receptionist / Bar Worker / Shop Worker

PREVIOUS:  Where do we start?  Has released material under the name Katie V, was the star of a Youtube series called Green Eyed World and had a management deal in the US (which Simon has apparantly bought her out of).  Also performed for Paris Hilton alongside fellow contestant Storm.

Katie is definitely one of this years Marmite contestants, with a try hard stage school brat air about her which doesn’t exactly endear her to voters.  She’s also having a bit of an identity crisis, with several alias’ including Katie Waissel, Katie Vogel, Katie V and Lola Fontaine – make up your flippin mind!  With a long list of previous musical achievements including recording and releasing an album (under name no.3 Katie V), it makes a bit of a mockery of her X Factor auditions where she’s appeared to struggle with nerves.  Also, after failing to finish a full performance without breaking down in ‘tears’ during judges houses, Cheryl Cole still chose to put the drama queen through to the live shows….the other 6 might as well have not bothered turning up!


Show 1:  We Are The Champions

Show 2: I Would Rather Go Blind

Show 3: King of the Swingers

Show 4: Bewitched

Show 5: Don’t Speak


First audition:

Judge’s Houses:


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