Cher Lloyd

AGE: 17




Cheryl….sorry, Cher had one of the most interesting auditions of this series, and certainly one of the most watched (one copy of her audition video has been viewed over 9 million times on youtube).  She’s definitely unique, and brings something a bit different to the table other than the usual Whitney and Mariah covers, but there’s something distinctly unlikeable about her.  Not sure if it’s her snarly facial expressions she pulls when singing, or the air of over-confidence in someone so young, but she’s not really endearing herself to the public so far.  It also doesn’t help that after a distasterous judges houses performance, Cheryl Cole still chose to put her through to the live shows which caused mild outrage amongst the X Factor viewers.

However, despite not being one of our favourites, she is one of those acts where we look forward to seeing her performance to see what she does (and to see if she crowbars a rap in there), but we’re not sure how she’ll fare when it comes to some of the theme shows (Big Band week?!).


Show 1:  Just Be Good To Me

Show 2: Hard Knock Life

Show 3: No Diggity/Shout

Show 4: Stay

Show 5: Empire State of Mind


First audition:

Judge’s Houses:


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