Aiden Grimshaw

AGE: 18

LOCATION:  Manchester

OCCUPATION:  Unemployed

PREVIOUS:  Nothing major, was once the lead in a show on CBBC

From his first audition it was clear that Aiden was going to be one of the stars this year.  Following a performance of Goldigger Simon announced ‘now THAT’S what I call a popstar’ – cliched, but true.  Aiden’s got a really unusual and contemporary sounding voice, part David Grey, part Michael Stipe, and he’s definitely got the potential to go far, however he is a bit of an awkward one to watch although I think a lot of that is probably nerves which should improve with a bit of time.

Live Shows

Show 1: Mad World

Show 2: Jealous Guy

Show 3: Diamonds Are Forever

Show 4: Thriller

Show 5: Nothing Compares To You


First audition

Judge’s houses performance


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