One Direction

(L-R: Niall Horan, Harry Styles, Zain Malik, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson)

Previous: Liam got through to judges houses last year but Simon chose Lloyd ‘dead behind the eyes’ Daniels instead, the rest have got minimal experience (local performances etc)

Another one of Cowells Creations, you could practically see the £ signs in his eyes when he put these guys together. These boys are the epitome of a perfect boyband for this generation, and are essentially a Bieber 5-some, in fact I find it difficult to remember their names so from now on lets just call them Bieber 1, Bieber 2, Bieber 3 etc.

At their judges houses audition one of the boys (either Louis or Niall, we can’t remember and don’t care enough to look it up) got stung by a sea urchin whilst pissing about in the sea instead of rehearsing. This resulted in him being whisked away to A&E while the other 4 panicked about not being able to do the performance without him. Unsurprisingly Bieber 5 made it back in time for their audition, and proceeded to stand in the background going ‘ooooh ooooh ooooh’ while Harry and Liam (who are by far the stars of this outfit) pretty much sang a duet – yeah, they would have definitely fallen apart with sea urchin boy that’s for sure….


Show 1: Viva La Vida

Show 2:  My Life Would Suck Without You

Show 3: Nobody Knows

Show 4: Total Eclipse of the Heart

Show 5: Kids in America


Judge’s Houses


6 Responses to One Direction

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  2. Grace. says:


  3. the reason he ‘stood in the background going ooooh ooooh ooooh’ is because they had to perform as soon as he got back, and he didn’t get to practise it with them or find out how they had rearranged the song.

  4. Giselle says:

    if ur a fan, u should be able to remember their names… and i totally agree with Brittany Jones. And I’m pretty sure he was allowed to go swimming…

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