Belle Amie

(L-R: Esther Campbell, Sophia Wardman, Geneva Lane, Rebecca Creighton)

Previous: Not music related, but Sophia was on the 2007 series of ‘Shipwrecked’,

Belle Amie were put together by Simon Cowell after the 4 girls were deemed not good enough to be solo artists but perfectly good enough to be a in a girlband.  They came up with their name as it translates as ‘beautiful friend’, awww how sweet…..unfortunately it’s also the name of a Slovakian gay porn company.

The girls all seem nice enough and their performance at judge’s houses proved that they work well together and sound a lot better than some of the more established groups (*cough* Husstle).  Also, unlike some other girl groups we’ve had on the X Factor they seem down to earth enough that they won’t alienate the influential young female audience by sexing it up too much (take note Kandy Rain).

Hopefully they won’t fall foul to the usual girl group curse and get voted off first, we think they deserve a chance.


Show 1: Airplanes

Show 2: You Really Got Me Going

Show 3: I’ll Stand By You

Show 4: Venus (voted out)


Judge’s houses performance


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