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The Groups are being mentored by Simon Cowell this year – previously when he’s had the groups he’s put through talented acts like The Conway Sisters, Journey South and Same Difference – so we had high hopes!

He pulled the old ‘making the band’ trick again this year and took some solo artists who failed to get through in the Girls/Boys categories and created 2 new groups.  It was obvious that these 2 Cowell Creations would get through to the live finals especially since Simon himself had the groups category, so that really left just 1 place for the other 6 groups to fight for at judge’s houses.

Style icon  Sinitta was there to help with the decision making once again, this time trussed up like a porno version of Wonder Woman.  It had been rumoured (translation: fed to the press for publicity) that Sinitta had been dumped from the show this year, but no such luck….

The 3 acts through to the live finals are:

Belle Amie

One Direction


Diva Fever (wildcard pick)


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