“I slept with Rio Ferdinand” reveals Rooney girl

Take this all with a large pinch of salt, but….someone claiming to be Jennifer Thompson, the girl who revealed in the News of the World a few weeks ago that Wayne Rooney had paid her for sex while his wife Coleen was pregnant, has today exposed another England player, via Twitter.

The player in question is…..Rio Ferdinand!!!

Man Utd fans will I’m sure be shocked to hear that Ferdinand, who has been married to wife Rebecca since 2009 and has 2 children, is the latest player to be accused of cheating.

“Jennifer” claims the NOTW is planning on publishing the story (pending an injunction) and says she wanted to expose Rio via Twitter so she had a chance to tell her side of the story before it is splashed across the tabloids.  She also claims that she was not aware that Ferdinand was married nor that he had children when she was sleeping with him.

She also claims that Ferdinand was key in setting up the arrangement with Rooney.

Rio has denied the rumours via his Twitter account, laughing them off as rubbish.

“Hahahaha!! Tweeps u lot have disappointed me being so gullible with the latest stupid rumour! Don’t believe the hype. There are some Vindictive people out there”

It’s hard to know who’s telling the truth here, as the person posting on “Jennifers” page has said that she is denying all knowledge of the Twitter account to the press so that she is not liable for releasing the information, but on the other hand that would be the perfect excuse for a big faker…..so who knows really!


Rooney Girl Set to Expose Another England Player

Jennifer Thompson, the girl who was revealed by the News of the World a few weeks ago as having slept with Wayne Rooney while his wife Coleen was pregnant, has hinted via Twitter that the paper is set to release details of yet another well known celebrity she has been involved with.

The Sun today printed a story detailing Jennifer’s involvement with Amir Khan a few years back, however she has taken to Twitter to explain that more revelations about a high profile celeb will be exposed this weekend (in Sundays NOTW).  Keen to give her side of the story before the press get the chance, Jennifer has promised her followers that she will reveal the true story on her Twitter page BEFORE the story is published.

Check back here soon for full details on who this new naughty mystery star is….

Update: It’s another England footballer player, with a wife and kids….no name yet but we’ll update as soon as we know any more.  (Please don’t be Michael Owen!)