New BBC Three Shows for 2011

bbc three ident

The BBC has today announced a host of new original programmes which are to be aired on BBC Three in 2011.

Up For Hire Live

This live event will be stripped across a week. The show will follow 4 unemployed youngsters as they fast track their way to a career – going from ‘tea boy’ to executive decision maker in just 4 short weeks. As well as the documentary, there will also be a live studio debate each evening discussing issues and themes from the show.

Mixed Up in the Middle East

This current affairs show centres around Reya, a half Arab, half Jewish girl, whose parents fell in love across the Middle Eastern divide. We follow her as she visits Israel and Palestinian territories for the first time – meeting people from both sides of the divide, and spending time with her extended family to discover how everyday life is for those who live at the heart of the hostilities.

Britain You’re Welcome To It

This show follows a group of fresh off the plane Eastern Europeans on a bus tour around the UK, as they learn about their new home, and face the realisties of life as a newcomer to Britain.

Life Story

Life Story is a new comedy written and starring Sharon Horgan (Pulling) and Holly Walsh (Mock The Week). Sharon stars as Helen, a woman who is falsley imprisoned in Broadmarsh Prison for the murder of her boss.

Other characters include her useless lawyer (who is an injury at work specialist), a fiance who is keen to dump her, a cousin who has stolen her flat and pub quiz team place, a weirdo workmate who visits each week, an arsonist cellmate who just wants a hug, and a death row pen pal.


Wilfred is a half-hour comedy series starring Elijah Wood (Lord of The Rings) which is based on the critically acclaimed Australian series of the same title. Elijah stars as Ryan, a young man who joins his neighbour’s dog Wilfred (who he sees as an Australian bloke in a cheap dog suit) on a series of comic and existential adventures.


This new BBC Three pilot is a comedy drama about life on a teenage cancer ward written by Tom Bidwell and Mark Catley. Tom survived cancer himself when he was 15, and also wrote the oscar-nominated short Wish 143, a film about a teenager with cancer who asks to lose his virginity before he dies.


IED is a single-camera sitcom about a group of soldiers in a British bomb disposal detachment. The series is written by James Cary and Richard Hurst who have co-written episodes of the award-winning Miranda.

White Van Man

Will Mellor returns to BBC Three with a second series of White Van Man. Will reprises his role as Ollie, ‘a man with a van’ who is joined once again by his hapless mate Darren (Joel Fry). Filming on the series will start later this year.


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