Single Review – The Saturdays: Notorious

I bloody love these girls, and I bloody love this song.

The Saturdays are back back BACK with Notorious, the lead track from their upcoming album.  In my opinion it’s their strongest lead single to date, and surely (SURELY) will give the girls that much sought after number 1 (download it from iTunes now, they bloody deserve it).  ‘Notorious’ sounds a bit like they’ve taken ‘Up’, given it a dance remix and added bags of attitude, sex appeal and autotune.  In short, it’s amazing.

Some notes:

Mollie is looking HOT – loving the new hair

This isn’t product placement – Barry M works in the office upstairs and that’s his lip gloss.  He’s going to be pissed off when he sees this.

Rochelle’s  “Don’t hold back” line sounds like the “Go go go” bit in Up.  Up is clearly the best Saturdays track to date, so that can’t be a bad thing.

There is also a legs/shoes shot like in the ‘Up’ video too.

I want to work in an office where I sit at my desk for 5 minutes tapping my pen, stamping blank pieces of paper, and answering one phone call before going upstairs for a rave.

I would like a Saturdays vinyl please thank you

I think they’ve taken the Jesus Light (copyright Matt Edmondson) concept too far.


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One Response to Single Review – The Saturdays: Notorious

  1. Easily their strongest single in ages! Love the video!

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