Fox Upfronts 2011: The New Girl

Next up in our pick of the Fox Upfronts is The New Girl.  Starring everyones favourite ‘kooky love interest’ Zooey Deschanel.  The show was originally supposed to be called “Chicks and Dicks” which would have been soooo much better, but never mind….”The New Girl” it is.

Zooey stars as Jessica Day, a quirky teacher (didn’t see that coming) who moves in with 3 guys after being dumped by her boyfriend.  Her 3 new roommates are played by Jake M. Johnson (No Strings Attached, Get Him To The Greek), Max Greenfield (Ugly Betty, Veronica Mars) and Damon Wayans Jr (My Wife and Kids).  The premise might sound pretty same old same old, but there are some genuinely funny moments in the trailer and Deschanel is just so damn endearing that within about 30 seconds I was already hooked.


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