X Factor Live Blog: Show 1

Keep refreshing your page to follow our live blog of the first show!  Also check out our X Factor section for goss on all the contestants (we’re still to finish this section….).

19:44pm – And we’re off, oooh Dannii and Cheryl are looking HOT!  Time to reveal the worst kept secret in X Factor history – the wildcards are in!!

First up is Wagner!  Then Paijie (yaaaaay we love him!)!  Then TreyC!  Then Diva Fever!  Wow we didn’t see any of them coming…..

So wait, are all 4 definitely on the show??  I thought we’d vote for just 1?

19:48 And here they all are.  Jesus Christ what are Diva Fever wearing, is this the 70s?

First ad break, yep it’s 9 minutes in.  Why are we watching a yoghurt rap?

19:54 Tedious theme this week is Number 1’s.  First up is….FYD.  “He’s been a sausage in a job, I’ve been a sandwich” – what does that even mean?!

They’re performing Billionaire, nice contemporary choice.  Quite liking their look too.  Think they could’ve done without the generic dancing girls though (bet that was Simon’s addition).

The performance is pretty good actually, although with these guys I sort of feel like I’d prefer to hear them do their own material rather than hear them do covers.

Judges comments – Louis thinks they’re better dancers than singers, Dannii wants them to dance less, Cheryl (who looks well orange btw) wants them to dance more, Simon obviously thinks they did great.

Our opinion – pretty good opening number – think I’m with Cheryl in that I’d have liked to see them do a bit more dancing but you can’t expect too much on show 1.

20:00 Dannii’s next (how amazing is her hair tonight?!) with Matt Cardle, who is currently the bookies favourite.  He is looking good and without a hat for once!  He’s been told he needs to open his eyes and look at the audience more, we’ll be on eye watching throughout.

He’s performing When Love Takes Over – interesting choice.  Oh and he’s in a hat, thought he was going to be hat free for the shows!  Maybe it’s like a security blanket.

Argh our laptop switched itself off there for a sec as the battery died – back now!  Judges comments time – very enthusiastic praise from Louis there, Simon loves it, Cheryl revealed that she fantasises about Matt painting her skirting board or something, and Dannii looks like she’s bursting with pride – aww.

Our opinion – that was awesome, I could listen to Matt sing all day – love love loved it!

20:09 Louis is up next with John.  He’s performing One Sweet Day.  It’s feeling a bit kareoke so far, although he’s such a sweetie I feel a bit bad saying anything remotely negative.

Judges comments – all nicey nicey but a bit lukewarm.  Cheryl thinks he’s gorgeous, look out John she’s single….  Simon slags off Louis’ song choice (it was no1 in New Zealand), we kind of agree with him – Louis always picks shit out-of-date songs!

Our opinion – He’s a lovely guy but we weren’t blown away by the performance, although that’s mostly down to the song choice, with better material I think he could shine a bit more.

20:16 Rebecca is up next, she’s one of our favourites – really looking forward to this.  She’s singing Teardrops.  Love her voice but she still looks really nervous.  Not sure it’s the best song choice either, she suits ballads I think, but it is a good performance.

Judges comments – Simon comments on the fact that they always seem to show the sob story side of her (ooh she’s got young and she’s got kids) which is a bit ironic since he’s been using sob stories as a marketing tool since Pop Idol.

Our opinion – love this girl, although not too sure about the performance.  She looks and sounds amazing though, definitely won’t be going home any time soon (so you better get used to it kids).

20:27 Back to Louis again with Storm Lee.  Woo some Edinburgh shots!  His accent confuses my brain….

Interested to see if Simon calls him Storm tonight or not!

He’s singing We Built This City.  Oooh loving the eye makeup!  I reckon a lot of people will hate this performance, but I don’t care, we think it’s awesome!  Hmm interesting gimp outfits there…

Judges Comments:  Cheryl doesn’t like the image, Simon calls him a failed rock star but says he sang it well, Dannii quips that the dancers got the outfits from Louis’ wardrobe – ha!

Our opinion:  We love Storm, I know he’s not to everyones taste but he’s entertaining and he’s got a good voice.  And it’s nothing to do with the fact he’s from Edinburgh……

20:34 Belle Amie up next, quite like these girls actually.  Oh we’ve got our first ‘rehearsal was shit’ clip of the night – let’s see how it goes live.

They’re singing Airplanes…what are they going to do at the rap bits?  Just repeat the chorus over and over?  Oh ok they’re doing sing-rap….fair enough.

Judges comments: Cheryl felt uncertain (she never likes the girlbands does she?), Louis loves Rebecca (way to make the other girls feel irrelevant) and Simon thinks there’s a gap in the market for them.

Our opinion – sort of 50/50 here, I like them as a group and I think they’re all really sweet but I wasn’t convinced by the vocals.  Don’t think they deserve to go in the first week though, although like Simon says they’ll need the girl vote in order to go any further.

20:45 Cher time – this will be interesting.  She’s 17?  They’ve been saying she’s 16 for the past few weeks.

“When I first saw Cher I thought she was a star” – that’s because she’s YOU!  In mini form!  Like a Cheryl Cole doll!

She’s singingJust Be Good To Me….will she break off into a rappy bit do we think?  Oh of course, yes she will.

Can’t really hear her actual singing voice very well over the backing vocals, but it’s a good performance – not something we’ve had on X Factor before any way.

Judges comments:  Louis loves it, Dannii can’t take her eyes off her, Simon sticks up for Cheryl for picking Cher lastweek – this excites Cheryl so much she jumps up and has a clapping fit.  Simon and Cher think she’s a star.

Our opinion:  Yeah you know what it was really good, but I’m still not convinced by her really – I find her uncomfortable to watch and she has an arrogant quality about her.  But yeah, give her her due it was good.

20:53 Ad time again.  The first of our wildcard contestants are up next, interesting to see if they’re better than any of the ‘chosen’ contestants.

Aww bless, Sinitta just tweeted that Harry from 1 Direction just threw up backstage due to nerves.

Nice wrist action from JLS on the Wii ad there….

20:56 Aaaand we’re back.  Diva Fever up now, this should be fun!  Haha “for Louis” – they aren’t even pretending he isn’t gay these days.

They’re singing Sunny – in some tragic glittery suits.  But oh the suits are off now revealing some aerobic class outfits.

Judges comments:  Louis likens them to Simon and Piers Morgan at the Christmas party, Dannii loves them, Cheryl likens them to Mr Motivator, Simon says he brought them back as he felt the world was becoming a boring place….well they certainly brighten the place up, in fact where’s my shades?

Our opinion:  They’re a lot of fun, but can’t help but feel like they’re this years Jedward (i.e. they’ll probably stick around while much better singers go home)

21:02 Paijie time – woo!  They’re reminding us of the fact he had to come back for a second audition, which just highlights how ridiculous the first stage is – the fact that they weren’t going to put him through but plenty joke acts sailed through.

He’s singing Killing Me Softly – bit of a predicatable choice, but he’s got a great voice.  Not liking the styling though – 1995 called, they want their shellsuit back.

Judges comments:  Louis calls him a little cuddly Luther Vandross and says he loves him, Cheryl says he’s a soul diva, Simon says he was praying Dannii chose him as the wildcard, and calls him ‘infectious’.

21:10 Should be the Overs up again next – Wagner probably?  Right ads time, I’m off to find some chocolate…

21:12 Hmm no it’s Katie!  Boooooooo, really not a fan!  Wonder if she’ll finish a whole song tonight, we’ve still never heard her do a full performance!

Dressed like a try hard ‘kooky’ girl, and singing a song she’s already attempted in her first audition.

Judges comments:  Louis thinks she’s more style than substance (we agree), Dannii doesn’t get the look, but thought the vocal was fierce, Simon likes what she’s wearing (eh?) and says that she’s been great fun to work with despite the bad press, Cheryl stands up for her style (yet she thought Storm’s outfit, which is tame in comparison, was OTT).  Oooh Louis shouts down Cheryl and says it’s not all about you, miaow!

Our opinion:  Katie is our least favourite contestant this year, in my opinion she’s the definition of try hard stage school brat, and she doesn’t even have that good a voice to back it all up.  Oh and she clearly thinks she’s bloody Lady Gaga….get over yourself love.

21:20 Mary up next, first ‘oh they’ve been sick this week’ we’ve had.  She’s looking less like Dawn French this week with the fringe slicked back, she looks good actually!

Singing It’s a Mans Mans Mans World – which is a song Paijie did AMAZINGLY in one of his auditions.  She’s sounding really good though, and has a comanding presence on stage.  I’m pleasantly surprised!

Judges comments:  Crowd are going absolutely fucking mental, come on folks we’ve got a schedule to stick to.  Dannii and Cheryl love it, Simon comments that she is dressing like Cheryl (Chez gives him a death stare) and uses the ‘every little helps’ quip that we’ve been waiting for, Louis looks like he’s about to cry.

Our opinion:  Fair dos that was probably the performance of the night.

21:26 Nicolo next, we actually really like him, his Italian ‘don’t give a shit’ attitude is extremely entertaining.  Oooh he’s doing Lady Gaga – ah-mazing.

Oh my god this stage setting is awesome – the shades!  the throne!  Love this!!

Judges comments:  Louis loved, said he made it his own, Cheryl didn’t love it (boo!), Simon thinks he’s going mad because he really liked it!

Our opinion:  We loved it!  I know a lot of people will just dismiss him as an arrogant prick, but we need those marmite characters to make it interesting.

21:32 Who’s still left?  TreyC for the girls, Aiden for the boys, Wagner for the Overs and 1 Direction for the groups?  Think that’s right!

21:37 Wand Erection up next (thanks Grace Dent).  They’re doing a roll call, although I still can’t recall their names (I’ll call them Beiber 1, Bieber 2 etc).

They’re singing Viva La Vida, interesting choice.  Hopefully they’ll do a better job of it than Cher did at boot camp (‘bells a ringa dinging’).  Wow we’re actually getting solos from some of the other Biebers for once, and not just Liam Bieber and Harry Bieber.  It’s sounding pretty good actually, they gel well as a band.

Judges comments:  Louis loves the boys, but anyway back to tonight….Louis thought they performed well but he didn’t like the styling, Dannii says it was the perfect pop band performance, Cheryl says the girls at home will love them (you don’t say) but repeats her stock phrase for the groups tonight which is ‘you need more time’.  Simon mentions that they screwed up a bit at the end but Liam Bieber picked it back up well.

Our opinion:  We really liked it actually, the song and the styling and everything just seemed to work together really well.  With the teenage girl vote behind them these boys could be here until the end.

21:45 Wagner’s up next!  He forgot his words in rehearsal, and from the clip it looks like he’s doing some Ricky Martin.  Yup it’s a Ricky Martin and Loveshack medley, involving some bongos.

Judges comments:  Dannii thinks it’s all a bit crazy, fun but not sure she can see him as a recording star, Cheryl thinks he’s very ‘earthy and nice’, Simonthought it was bonkers, but says ’embrace the madness’.  Louis thinks he’s got something, different and fun!

Our opinions:  We agree that it’s fun, and VAGNER is adorable – he just makes me smile every time he’s on the screen, but it IS a singing competition so in that respect he probably should be one of the first out.

21:53 Not sure we can keep up the live blog each week, this has been a bit stressful trying to type and watch at the same time!

Aiden’s up next, yes yes yes we love him!!  He’s soooo beautiful (18….18…..remember he’s 18)!  Judges are commenting on the fact that he’s an awkward performer, I agree but I kind of think it’s endearing, and it’s nice that he’s not arrogant.

Mad World is an AMAZING song choice for him.  He is looking a bit scary and starey though, it’s better if you just close your eyes on listen to him without watching.  He’s another one who I could listen to all day – his voice is incredible.  Think the boys have got it in the bag this year.

Judges comments:  Louis says it’s one of the best performances of the night and that he’s the next big male popstar, Cheryl says it was the surprise of the evening and was popstar level already, Simon is blown away, and likens him to Robert Pattinson in that he’s current.

Our opinion:  I just want to hug him, he’s adorable!  That was brilliant, I’d buy his album tomorrow if he had one.

21:59 TreyC is last up, hopefully this gives her a better chance of not being voted off tonight.  She’s in a good position too since Cher and Katie in her category have had quite a negative reaction in the press.

Ooh she’s doing One by U2, really like this song.  She looks gorgeous tonight too, that’s one hot bod!

Judges comments:  Louis thinks this is her time, Dannii says her voice is phenomenal and wants to see her stamp on it, Simon thinks she lacks confidence and looks vulnerable, and he doesn’t like her outfit (wrong!), but that it was the best vocal of the competition.

Our opinion:  She’s got a fantasticvoice, and after her judges houses performance she should have been through without needing the wildcard.  It was a good performance but I think she’s got potential to be even better.

22:12 OOh Dermot has just revealed that tomorrow night 2 acts will leave the competition!  Also there will be performances from Joe McElderry and Usher.  Should be a good night!

Right now that that’s over, who do you think deserves to go tomorrow?  Basing it on talent we’d say those in danger should be Diva Fever and Wagner, but this is X Factor so anything could happen!

Our favourites of the night were Aiden and Matt, and we’ll definitely be downloading both of their performances.

Leave your comments below and let us know if you disagree – who were your faves?  Who should go home?  Who will you be downloading?


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