Russell Brand to host new TalkSport radio show

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Some AMAZING news for all you Russell Brand fans this rainy Friday…he’s getting a new radio show!! Don’t know about you, but Russell’s old podcasts used to get me through my bus journeys in the morning and I was gutted when they came to an abrupt end (after the OTT ‘Sachsgate’ scandal) so this has cheered me up no end!

Russell’s new show will air on TalkSport on Saturday evenings for around 20 weeks, starting on the 9th of October (next week!). The show will also feature regular contributions from Brand’s pals Noel Gallagher and partner in crime Jonathan Ross. We can’t wait!!!!

In other Russell news, he posted a message on Twitter today confirming that he is going to be on Newsnight with Paxman….not sure exactly why, but we’ll be watching for sure!

Oh and finally – Booky Wook 2 is out now ( seem to have the best deal at the mo) and we’re off to see the accompanying tour on Monday night in Edinburgh – wahey!


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