BBC brings a touch of magic to Saturday nights

BBC One are set to put magic back on our screens on Saturday nights for the first time since the Paul Daniel days back in the nineties with a new show (imaginatively) called The Magicians. The premise sounds a bit like Strictly Come Dancing with a magical spin, with 3 well known magicians competing over 5 weeks. In each show the magicians will work with celebrity partners (a different one each week) and perform illusions ranging from the classic to the never-attempted-before.

The magicians will be pushed to excel beyond their own speciality, be it escapology, illusion or sleight of hand card tricks, as the tournament will throw weekly challenges and themes designed to best test the competitors’ originality, ingenuity and ambition with many large scale stunts to be attempted.

Unlike other reality TV competitions there are no judges or phone lines – instead the same 3 magicians will battle each week to win over the audience, with the pair who receive the least applause asked to close the show with an uncomfortable, dangerous or impossible forfeit of a trick that none of them will want to tackle.

It all sounds quite exciting, and something a bit different from the usual Saturday night fare (All Star Family Fortunes, I’m looking at you…). Also by the time it airs all the big guns like Strictly and X Factor will be over, so this should be an interesting replacement.

They haven’t announced who the magicians are, but we’re hoping Ali Cook is involved – we went to see his show at the Edinburgh Festival this year and it was unbelievable (check out the video of him doing the famous Houdini water escape trick below).

The Magicians will appear on our screens in early 2011.

Update: Ali sent us a message on Twitter saying that he’s had meetings with producers of the show, so we’ll just have to wait and see.  Fingers crossed!


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