Darren Day Joins Hollyoaks

darren day holloaks

Some Hollyoaks spoiler news for you….Darren Day is set to join the cast in October!  Or to use his full name, Loverat Darren Day.

Real life bad boy (well, bad boyfriend anyway) Day plays Danny Houston who arrived in Hollyoaks Village as a friend of dodgy-tash-wearing secret-gay Brendan Brady.  Danny is set to charm local chav Jacqui McQueen, despite the fact that she is dating his best mate (yup…Jacqui will be dating Brendan, how this happens God only knows, we thought she was getting it on with Rhys!).

Producer Paul Marquess has said, “Danny Houston is a dangerous but very charming character who makes an aggressive impact in his first episodes.  Darren plays the part brilliantly and I’m delighted that we’re able to bring him back later this year.”

Darren himself has said that he’s delighted to have joined the cast and that “Danny is the type of character any actor would kill to play and the part has been made even better as I’m working with great talent such as Claire, Emmett and Bronagh.  I’ve been a fan of the show for sometime and this is a very exciting time with the show’s recent reinvention”.

We’re on-off fans of Hollyoaks here at What’s The Dirt?, we dip in when the storylines look interesting and drop out in the boring weeks (i.e. freshers week or anything involving Elliott).  The whole Brendan storyline is looking quite exciting though, especially after hearing the spoilers surrounding Ste (he’s turning gay and getting it on with dodgy Brendan) so we’ll be starting watching the Sunday omnibus again to keep up!

Also, a little Darren Day fact for you….I once got a rather awkward hug from him when I was 12 and had just seen him in Joseph and The Technicolour Dreamcoat…exciting times…


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