Video: The Saturdays – Higher

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The Saturdays have unveiled their latest video for their new single Higher (feat. Flo Rida) which is the second song to be released from their mini album Headlines.

We’re big fans of The Saturdays, and find it pretty frustrating that the best songs never seem to be chosen as singles from their albums (we’re still annoyed One Shot and Wordshaker were never released), however this time their management have got it right – Higher is a corker and fingers crossed it gives the girls their first, well deserved, number one.

Our only criticism would be the Flo Rida inclusion – it seems a shame that they’ve had to go down the collaboration route, especially since his bit replaces the brilliant middle 8 in the song (Una belting out ‘listeeeeeeen’ is our personal highlight).  However since Flo Rida has kept The Sats off the top spot not once but twice now, it looks like they’ve figured ‘if you can’t beat em, join em’.

The video for Higher is below, and it’s the non-Flo Rida version (i.e. the better version) so enjoy the middle 8 while you still can!


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